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Petlandia Pet Care provides dog walking, exercise, “homestyle” kennel-free boarding and pet sitting for animals.  

Petlandia Pet Care will hold your previous time slot open for 7 days following any cancellation.  If Client does not resume services by notifying PETLANDIA PET CARE by a telephone call by 6pm by the 7th day, there is no guarantee the previous time slot and dates preferred by pet(s) Client’s will held.  Information or visits needed within 24 hours need to be telephoned or emailed to Petlandia Pet Care. We will confirm your request for service.  This contract serves as the invoice and authorizes the contract as valid approval for future services of any purpose provided by this contract permitting pet sitter/company to enter the premises without additional signed contracts or authorization. 

Petlandia will schedule one visit for a FREE consultation before Agreement begins.  Each consultation thereafter is billed at the regular visit rate.

Requests within 24 hours of visit time are considered late requests and carry a surcharge of $10 per visit, if approved.  More than 2 animals per household carry an additional charge. Cancellations within 24 hours of a trip carry a fee of 50% of the total that was originally agreed upon.  Cancellations within 24 hours of walks will be not be charged unless sitter shows up at the home.  If we need to purchase food/medicine/litter for your animal you will be charged for reimbursement and time. Holiday visits have a $10 surcharge. Key return in person is a $10 charge.

Invoices are sent bi monthly and payment is expected upon receipt of invoice.  We accept cash, check, or Venmo payments to 971-221-7289.  Each visit Petlandia Pet Care makes to your home will be charged at the agreed upon visit rate.  When pricing changes take place, a new Agreement is not necessary, the first payment of the new rate will be considered acceptance.  

Will carry a $25.00 charge and you may be liable for up to three times the amount the check was written for and you will lose your check writing privileges.

If Client agrees to provide Petlandia Pet Care(see Consultation above) with a key, there is no charge for Petlandia Pet Care to obtain the key.  If the key is not provided at the time of the Consultation, Petlandia Pet Care will collect the key for a fee of $10.  There is no cost for you to leave a key hidden on your premises. If no key return is requested, keys will remain on file for 3 years after your last appointment before disposal.

By signing this Agreement, Client authorizes and agrees that Petlandia Pet Care shall transport their animals for veterinary care if Petlandia Pet Care believes such action is necessary for pet’s well-being. Every effort will be made to contact you and we will pay up to $250 while we attempt to contact you. By signing this Agreement, Client releases Petlandia Pet Care from all liability arising from treatment and agrees to pay all veterinary expenses incurred. Should specified veterinarian be unavailable, Petlandia Pet Care is authorized to choose an alternative and authorized to approve medical and/or emergency veterinary care with release from all liability. Trips to the vet will be charged at $30 an hour. Holiday trips to the vet are $40 an hour. Bills paid to the vet are to be reimbursed in full within 5 days of the pet’s visit to the vet or a $20 late fee will be added each week thereafter if payment is not received. We recommend you leave a credit card on file with your vet upon your departure.

  • Petlandia Pet Care agrees to provide the services stated in this contract in a reliable, caring and trustworthy manner. In consideration of these services as an express condition thereof, the Client expressly waives and relinquishes any and all claims against said pet sitter or company, except those arising from negligence or willful misconduct on the part of the pet sitter or company. 
  • Client agrees their pets will be currently vaccinated against all diseases and if the pet is not and makes a pet sitter or another animal sick via bite or other form of transmission, Client agrees to pay all costs and damages to the victim.
  • Client of each pet agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Petlandia Pet Care for any damage or injury caused by Client’s pet(s) to any animal, person or property. 
  • Petlandia Pet Care shall not be responsible for any injury to Client’s pet while Client’s pet is in the care of Petlandia Pet Care unless due to pet sitter/company’s neglect.
  • Petlandia Pet Care is not responsible for any damage or loss to Client’s home or Client’s possessions caused by Client(s) pet while Petlandia Pet Care is providing service under this Agreement unless due to neglect by pet sitter/company.
  • Petlandia Pet Care shall not be responsible for the loss or injury to any pet(s) not maintained indoors during the entire period the pet is at home unless due to neglect by pet sitter/company.  
  • Petlandia Pet Care is not responsible for any damage or injury caused to Client(s) pet while Petlandia Pet Care service provider transports Client’s pet(s) in the motor vehicle while providing “pet taxi service”.
  • If either party has to engage the services of an attorney to obtain enforcement or collect funds, the prevailing party is responsible to pay the associated legal fees incurred.