About Us

About Us, Petlandia

Petlandia Pet Care has been a women owned local business, passed down through dedicated animal loving friends, since 2011. Through the years, we have developed wonderful relationships with our clients through their beloved 4 legged family members. We continue to offer our experienced and enthusiastic pet sitting and walking services to SE Portland Neighborhoods as well as now offering in home family-style boarding!

Hi, I’m Wendy.

A lifetime avid animal lover, I was forever bringing home animals as a child. Endless hours and weekends were spent shoveling manure to prove I would indeed care for a horse if my parents would just buy one for me. It worked.

With a teaching degree and passion for homesteading and animal husbandry, I taught in the public school system.  I slowly moved towards agriculture education and animal nutrition for almost a decade before pursuing a career in pet care with Petlandia.

I have trained and competed with my 3 dogs in the sport of agility and now take riding lessons on my horse! I live on a small farm with my partner, our dogs, many chickens, rabbits, seasonal turkeys and one awesome cat!