Homestyle Boarding

Homestyle boarding
We offer a cozy and quaint little home with 1/3 acre, fully fenced in yard in the beautiful Johnson Creek Watershed. Home to 3 playful pups, we enjoy regular walks in the neighborhood and local “Field Trips.”
  • Dogs hosted must be socialized with manners.
  • Homestead includes chickens, rabbits, small dogs, and one rascally cat.
  • Meet and Greet required for reservations.
Wendy has over 30 years experience with animal first aid and medication administration.
Pick-Up and Drop Off Times

Our pickup and drop off hours are between 7am – 7pm. After 7pm, an additional night will be charged and your pet may be picked up at 7am the next morning.

Off-Property Outings
Once your pup has “Graduated” to off-leash privileges, they have the option of adding on a weekend “Off-Property Outing.” Dogs who have demonstrated good recall skills, knowledge of their names and proper leash etiquette, may go on off-property outings to local parks and dog appropriate hikes.


Boarding Sliding Scale


Off- Property Outings


$60-$75/ Day Pro-rated for Morning and Evening Drop-Off


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