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Finding Petlandia has been a true blessing in more ways than I can count. Our pup Moritz absolutely adores everyone and they have contributed hugely to him becoming a good canine citizen. The early socialization they provided for him starting at 10 weeks was invaluable – when we take him to the dog park now, he behaves like a complete pro, even when being rushed at by dogs that out-weigh him by a factor of 20. People are usually amazed when they find out that he isn’t even 4 months old. Most importantly, Tamela’s dog training has helped us be better dog owners – as clearly, all canine problems start with us, the humans.

- Katia M, Portland OR

The team at Petlandia has been amazing with our 4 great danes! We’ve used them for both dog training and pet sitting. It’s been wonderful for us and for the dogs. The dog walkers are fabulous, the dog training tips have been a huge help and we cannot imagine life without them! I highly recommend them!

- Gretchen L, Portland OR

These guys are the best! They have been amazing to work with and our pets love them! I used to have my neighbor help me with my animals but I think he wasn’t interested in helping anymore and the animals seemed anxious and not very well cared for when we came home. I called Petlandia and they jumped right in to help, now I never worry when I travel. The animals are very happy and my home is well cared for, they are responsible, dependable and truly love animals.

- Matt M, Portland OR

I hesitate to tell everyone how GREAT Tamela and her crew have been for my dog because I want to keep them all to myself! They have turned my anxious dog’s life around in just a couple of short months. He’s gone from being an anxious, scared shelter dog to a confident, happy pup. Two months ago he would lunge at dogs in the park in attack mode, and yesterday we had a relaxing, event-free, happy time playing with other dogs at the dog park. Again, I can’t say this enough: This is the best money I’ve ever spent on my dog, hands down!


- Wade B, Portland OR

These ladies provided us hands on, easy to implement dog training techniques. Our Corgi was struggling with excessive barking and impulsive behavior. They taught us easy, fast fun ways to train. This was all accomplished in a positive non threatening manner. I am happy to report that our puppy now stops barking when instructed to. She is also able to follow commands and her manners have improved greatly. We loved their training so much we added another few sessions for our older Corgi! It’s never too late to teach your old dog new tricks…that is the truth!

- Jane C, Portland OR

Without their expert knowledge and consistent training our lovable and sizable dog might have proved too much for us in our golden years. The private lessons have taught us how to relate to and understand our dog.

- Lindsay and Clive R, Portland OR

Tamela and her team have provided both training and walks for our Mastiff pup, Moby. After our dog started to act alpha to all who set foot in our house, we were desperate for help with training and walks while we were at work. At 15 months old, he, was going through adolescence, weighed almost 100 lbs. and we had never owned a dog before. We knew as soon as they came over for a consult they were not just professional and experienced with dog behavior but truly animal loving people. They came in armed with stinky treats; happy voices and confidence, which in turn gave us the confidence we needed to get through and understand doggie adolescents. We’re not sure what we would have done had we not hooked up with them.

- The Trump Family, Portland OR

As someone who has her dog both walked and trained, I can say with authority that the folks at Petlandia are fabulous. Every person with their company I have had contact with obviously love dogs and have committed to learning everything about understanding and working with them. I have a sweet but “difficult” larger dog with a strong prey drive. She is stubborn and pushy, and although she wants to please, it isn’t always at the top of her list. I can’t tell you what a difference Petlandia has made I was amazed at how well behaved and willing to listen she has become. I felt as if this was impossible before and the folks Petlandia are always professional, reliable, easy to work with, skilled and talented. I recommend them highly to everyone!

- Kate F, Portland OR